Bolsjojballetten på kino

Gå ikke glipp av kommende sesong med Bolsjojballetten. Den nye sesongen byr på de kjente perlene Nøtteknekkeren, Svanesjøen og Tornerose, og nyere produksjoner Frank Bridge Variations, Short Time Together, samt mye mer. Hele 7 balletter fra kompaniets repertoire blir streamet live. Billettene slippes 30. juni 2016 kl. 10:00. Salget vil foregå på Gimle kino, og en time … Fortsett Bolsjojballetten på kino

Backstage with Alexander Ekman’s A Swan Lake

Wondering what makes a choreographer throw water on stage? Did he want to find a back up plan if the Opera house went under water? Or start a new ballet trend? No, it is simply because Alexander  Ekman wants to make the impossible on stage. A Swan Lake is Alexanders first full length ballet for the main … Fortsett Backstage with Alexander Ekman’s A Swan Lake

Ballet meets the legendary Prince Sharing with you to day some of the historical moments from the ballet history. The legendary music icon Prince died unexpectedly last thursday, april 21th. Besides being an innovator in the music industry, he also worked along with ballet dancers. In 1993 he allowed the Joffrey Ballet Company to interpret his music. After a … Fortsett Ballet meets the legendary Prince

It’s time for Frankestein  It's time for Frankenstein. Wednesday May 4th is the world premiere of Liam Scarlett’s new full-length ballet, inspired by Mary Shelley’s Gothic masterpiece, by the Royal Ballet. Last november a new science fiction movie, Victor Frankenstein, was released at the cinemas starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe. If you are not in London you … Fortsett It’s time for Frankestein